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Ques. (1 ) : How Can I Purchase and Pay?

Answer-> : You Can Browse Through Our Site and Visit The Required Course / Package Page and There

You Can Use BUY NOW Button To Purchase & Pay Via Multiple Payment Options.

Ques. (2 ) : Can I Pay Using PAYPAL / CARD as Payment Option Via REGNOW ?

Answer-> : YES, You Can Pay Via PayPal or Credit Card Options Too For Your Purchases.

Ques. ( 3 ) : Is REGNOW Online Payment Method is Safe to Pay ?

Answer-> : REGNOW Payment Method is 100% Safest and Avoids FRAUD and Also Same Way Fastest Way To Pay.

Ques. ( 4 ) : How Can I Clear My Doubts Before Any Purchase ?

Answer-> : You Can Chat With Us Via Our Site-Chat Option or You Can Email Us Your Requirement Before Purchase.

Phone Support Currently Not Available. But Better Chat With Us / Email Us. Will Reply You ASAP.

( For e-Mail Inquiries You Can Expect Our reply in 60-180 Minutes Only )

Ques. ( 5 ) : Can I Ask For Samples Before Paying / Purchase of Any Course ?

Answer-> : YES, You Must Ask Samples First Before Paying / Purchase of Any Course / Listed Packages. That Mostly

You 100% Satisfaction Before Purchase.

Ques. ( 6 ) : What is Delivery Time of Materials After Making Payment ? Else I Paid Already, But Still Not Received ?

Answer-> : Once You Make Payment, You Will Get Materials Delivery in Mostly 30-180 Minutes Only. Maximum 1 Day.

( For Faster Processing, Better You Send Us Your Order ID To Our Email : sapmaterials4u@gmail.com ).

Ques. ( 7 ) : Is This Materials Original ? Are They Useful For Exams ?

Answer-> : All These Self-Study / Courses Are Original SAP Courses and are Used For Exams / Training Self-Study Only.

( PLEASE NOTE : All Courses Are For Personal Use / Study Only, Not For Sharing with Others ).

Ques. ( 8 ) : Can I Purchase Single / Few Courses From List ?

Answer-> : YES, You Can Purchase Single / Few Required Courses of Your Choice. Single Course Price Applies For That.


Ques. ( 9 ) : Can I Get DISCOUNT For My Bulk Purchase Orders ?

Answer-> : YES, You Will Surely Get Good Discounted Price For Your Bulk Purchase Orders.

For Discounts, Please Chat With Our Chat Support Executives and Ask Samples Also Before Paying.

Ques. (10) : Still I Have Queries Before / After Purchase, Where or Whom Should I Contact ?

Answer-> : You Can Contact Us Via Our Online Chat Support From : www.ErpExams.com For Quick Replies,

Else You Can E-Mail Us Also At : sapmaterials4u@gmail.com, And Get Your Reply in 60-180 Mins. Only.

But Never Worry Before / After Your Purchase. OK

Ques. (11) : Why It's Adding SALES TAX / VAT To My Purchase whily Making Payment via REGNOW?

Answer-> : RegNow.com is required to collect sales tax for the (US) states of Washington and Minnesota as they have locations in both of those states.

RegNow.com collects VAT / GST from customers in the EU. VAT is an additional tax, similar to Sales Tax. The rate is variable and depends on the country in which the customer lives. The following countries are charged VAT: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary,India, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and The United Kingdom.